Monday, 26 November 2012

Purification Principles for the RasTafari Daughter

Greetings, Blessed Love

I do hope all the Sistren are irie. I just want to post up the videos on the reasoning for Purification Principles, one of you own viewer requests. For those  who follow Rastawifeline on youtube, you might have watched them already. If not, here you go! I will say that I didn't mention a few points, but it's all covered in my upcoming works

RasTafari Guide


  1. Blessed reasoning sistren! RasTafarI
    Sis April

  2. Greetings Sister Ila, I have found your youtube videos very informative, give thanks for your virtue and wisdom. I am currently with child and was wondering if you had any tips on purification during this time.

    Jah Bless

  3. Greetings Sis,

    I could not hear what you were saying it was extremely low. I played it on three different computers. Is there anyway to make the voice projection clearer


    Sis Danielle

  4. I am sorry about the low audio, it was something I hadn't realized before. Te most I can recommend is headphones and speakers for the videos that are poor audio hopefully one day I can redo them.

  5. Thanks for the video series. I am new to Rastafari faith and culture but am so very interested. I have some questions that I pray do not offend. I am just looking for overstanding....The types of purification you mention in this series, is this for every husband and wife or just those men who are in leadership positions in the church? We know a couple of Rasta guys here in Colorado and have spoke of starting a house church. Therefore I am wondering if the same principals apply. That I or their wives would not be allowed in if we are on our monthly? As well I am wondering is there a way to be a little practical in this without being sinful? I have never hear the teaching of not cooking for your husband while on your monthly. My husband is a disabled Iraq war vet and it would be quite impossible for him to cook and take care of the house while I sat for eight days. I also will check out the materials you mentioned in the end of your video. Thanks for your answers to my questions.

    1. Give thanks, you are welcome! if you are on Facebook it would be good to join the group, you can look for Rasta Wife Line
      But seriously, this is the way things have been done from the start as the Rastafari elders were first brethren and the rule in setting up meetings was that a Dawta came into the house through her brethren or kingman. Now you are free to cme in but are expected not to when you are unfree. It is also from the start that a brethren should know how to cook and to eat raw foods a lot which require little preparation, so a man could take care of himself with or without a wife and share also in the raising of the family i think too, many fathers are loving and nurturing. self sufficiency. Now in setting up a camp it is expected that Dawtas will not attend when on the monthly and be sharing Ises and sacrament with others, for that time it is seen as a time to be at home. I am sure there are Rastafari families all over the world that do what they can with what the have, not every house carries the same rules, but I will be honest and say I've never heard of a camp or gathering that doesn't observe purification where Dawtas miss time at LEAST your 8 days cleared a d your issue ceased. I prefer the Sistren in the group to have their chance to answer some questions, many will have their reasons for doing and not doing. You and your kingman have to do what works for your family, mine forages the fridge etc and finds for himself and he also cooks for me when he gets home early enough. I eat lots of raw foods or I prepare for myself and my children, my kingman says I am not unclean to him but to others so I am free to move about the house, but he doesn't eat anything I make to eat.i don't have anyone over or go by anyone, and it works for I and I feel more comfortable because I wouldn't want to use their facilities or even feel ill while out,or share anything. The time passes quickly. Don't be so worried about the home situation you alone have to live and get through in your own circumstance and you as mother and wife have to do what is best for all. , but consider more that in gathering you should be free and not make others uncomfortable who may prefer not tos share sacrament with one who is unfree. You are not sinful because of how you handle or dont handle purification, in using th Ible InI must be careful of not falling into that trap of thinking there is a god in the sky taking notes of everything we do. More love everytime, keeping seeking the Omega strength!


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