Thursday, 24 January 2013

Queen Omega Livity and Right Representation of an Empress

Blessed Love and JAH Blessings,

I have had some contact from Sistren on the Livity and Principles, and their search for finding more about Empress behaviour. Though I have tried to cover the various aspects of the Livity already, this is just an overview of Nyahbingi and Queen Omega principles of the Dawta, and what I and I must consider in representing JAH and the Name of RasTafari. I encourage all Dawtas to never stop elevating themselves as Queens, and to keep strengthening themselves in our Identity. We are all part of one nation and we should raspect and be proud of the foundation that was set for I and I to maintain and continue through our youts. Every Empress must consider how she acts and behaves as she is representing an entire family of Sistren worldwide and is not just "Rasta" by herself. This reasoning is not intended to offend, it is to strengthen - I had to take my word sound when I received it from brethren and sistren and I didnt see it as a fight down but a strength. likewise I wish for all Sistren to put aside vanity and to see that Righteousness is of JAH and we are all to try our best to live up to JAH's Will and Ideal for His and Her hola people.

On that note please pardon the background - my laundry slash workroom which is still under construction :)

 Modest, Hola, Royal


Queen Omega Love
Sis Ila


  1. Peace & Jah Blessings,
    Very profound information for sistrens. Truly a blessing.
    Queen Selah

  2. Peace & Jah Blessings,
    All information very profound.

    Queen Selah


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