Monday, 14 January 2013

Reasoning on Wearing Jewelry and Adornment

Blessed Love

One topic I havent been able to cover yet is the whole reasoning on wearing jewelry and makeup and nailpolish and so on. Even in this offering I was unable to capture all the things I might have said another time, but hopefulyl the jist of it all will be caught.
Really and truly every Sistren has her own reasons for doing such or not, and every Sistren will basically do what suits her, or her king-man. I just try in this video, to bring up the trends that we have adopted as sistren, and to also call upon the few Scriptures that may be used by certain mansions, namely the Bobo Shanty, against beautifying the body with makeup and jewelry.
I personally am not trying to tell Sistren what to do or what not to do, I am just bringing up all the information or reasoning that every I has to be exposed to and consider at some point in the trod. any sistren who gathers in a community or camp would be aware of such reasoning already because it is the reasoning of the elder brethren and even sistren who are set in the older ideology of Rastafari to be as Ital as possible which includes not adorning the body or over-doing such. RasTafari is a holy priestly livity that is about shedding vanity and corruption in high and low places - adornment and embellishment are a wombman's vanity, so every sistren is expected to come to that awareness within herself and mature to love her ISelf as a Natural Hola Vessel of JAH's Irit.
I personally promote modesty and moderation or knowing time and place, not that a sistren has to neglect feeling good about herself in whatever way she chooses. She must find balance within the law and the principles of living righteously.

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  1. This is very informative and an eye opener especially for me. Thank You! Stay Bless

  2. Empress Menen wore jewelry. Many African women adorn themselves. Rasta men are attracted to all kinds of women and many of them wear make up, jewelry, pants and straight/permed hair.

    The Marley men take the cake in this area and they definitely are not the only ones.

    The hypocrisy is appalling.


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